Personnel Exchange Service

Call for applications for participation in the Personnel Exchange Service (PES) under the Next Mile of the European Civil Society Infrastructure project

Financed by the European Commission and implemented by Open Society Institute- Sofia in cooperation with Euroregional Center for Democracy, Timisoara, European Roma Information Office, Brussels and the Civil Society Development Foundation, Budapest.

The Personnel Exchange Service is an opportunity for exchange of personnel between Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) from Romania and Bulgaria and other EU Member States, working in the social field. PES will support the involvement of CSO representatives from EU Member States in the work of Bulgarian and Romanian CSOs, as well as the involvement of representatives of Bulgarian and Romanian CSOs in the work of CSOs from other EU Member States and their Networks. Other kinds of agencies providing social services may be also involved in the PES activities (municipal and state agencies specialized in social service provision). This shall contribute to the exchange of best EU practices in service provision and improving institutional capacity as well as professional excellence of the visiting fellows.

Priority will be given to the exchanges for sharing practical experience and transfer of know how and methods. The list of possible spheres of interaction during the exchanges may cover (but are not limited to):
-    Involvement of Bulgarian and Romanian CSOs in the “on field” social service provision in order to learn new methods and practices;
-    Exchange of experience through visit of proved expert in Bulgarian and Romanian CSOs. Such expert/experts have to be involved in the current work of the organisation and be able to share their knowledge and skills;
-    Support to Bulgarian and Romanian CSOs in strategic activities such as design of new social services etc. through visit of representatives to a more experienced organisation and joint work or invitation/visit of representatives of other EU CSOs and other types of entities in the social sphere.

As an advantage will be regarded:
-    Mixed exchanges (i.e. visits of teams with representatives of Bulgarian and Romanian CSOs);
-    Exchanges mixing the sharing of experience and network opportunities;
-    If the candidates for participation in the exchanges/or other organisations cover part of their expenses related to exchange;
-    If in the exchanges participate representatives of target groups of respective organisation. Anyway all forms of involvement of representatives of vulnerable groups in the exchanges will be treated as a key advantage.


- The exchanges must be carried out on the territory of EU member states only;
- The proposed exchange must include as minimum one Bulgarian CSO or one Romanian CSO. There is no restriction to the other types of entities participating in the exchanges. Most important is their experience and capacity in the social sphere and the opportunity to spread it.
- The exchanges proposed must be carried out within the following two rounds: till the end of July 2007 and till the end of September 2007;
- Only expenses directly connected to travel will be covered during this exchange program; salaries and fees, etc. [1] will not be financed.
To support the study visits, travel expenses for a total of 8 exchanges will be covered. The 8 supported exchanges will be chosen in competitive procedure based on the following criteria:
•    The needs of organisations that will receive/send representatives;   
•    How the exchange will contribute to the capacity of the organisation and of other stakeholders.

The selection will be carried out by a selection committee comprising representatives of project partners.

Interested organisations can apply for:
1. Participation in the PES as host organisation
2. Participation in the PES as sending organisation
3. Both.

[1] This does not contain some re-granting element (re-distribution of funding). The program will cover only travel expenses (included in the project budget) of some representatives of CSO involved in the PES.

In order to apply you have to fill in the respective application forms in electronic format and send them to egospodinova@osf.bg before 15 May, 2007 for the first round and before July 30 for the second round. The application forms can be dowloaded at www.regionalnet.org or http://nextmile.eu or can be requested by e-mail (ccocioba@regionalnet.org).

Attached files: Call for applications, Application form for participation in the PES as host organisation, Application form for participation in the PES as sending organisation
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