Project „Banat without Borders” (2010)

The winners of  “Banat without Borders” project idea competition

The winning project ideas that have been chosen as a result of “Banat without Borders” competition, held between 15 June and 5 July 2010, are:

1. Get to know Banat!
Project goal

Promotion of a healthy coexistence between ethnics and facilitation of firm cross border connections in Banat by organizing an intercultural exchange between 20 youth (10 from Romanian Banat, 10 from Serbian Banat) in order to provide these with the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the customs and life-style that are specific to each side of the border.
Project team
Mirjana Mikic (Applicant, Kikinda), Patricia Pecol (Timisoara), Oana-Maria Stefanescu (Timisoara), Gordana Mikic (Kikinda)
2. Imagine Banat 2015!

Project goal

Developing multilingual Appreciative Inquiry methodology as a model applicable to projects and services that focus on cross border cooperation by interviewing several opinion leaders in Banat in order to build a joint strategic vision of the region.
Applicant: Tisa Komadina (Kikinda)

3. Hi Jimbolia!

Project goal

Establishing a long-term cooperation with the youth in Jimbolia, in the field of culture and entertainment, by preparing a special program for the Days of Jimbolia in order to provide Romanian participants with a perspective on the customs that are specific to Serbian Banat.

Project team
Roxana Diana Fador - Applicant, Maja Erdeljan, Slobodan Kapriš, David Merľan, Mirjana Mikić, Gordana Mikić, Nina Popeskov (Kikinda)

4. Neighbors in action

Project goal

Establishing a partnership between Serbian and Romanian youth NGOs for introducing the latter to the so-called street actions which aim at promoting the schools, universities, non-governmental organizations, volunteer actions, tourist attractions etc. in Banat region.

Project team
Marijo Bojic - Applicant, Biljana Stojanovic, Anne Grotnes (Kikinda)

All the project ideas above mentioned will involve youth from both Serbian and Romanian Banat. The Euroregional Center for Democracy (Timisoara, Romania) together with the Association for Development of Kikinda (Serbia) will promote the winning project ideas to regional stakeholders and will also provide assistance for their optimal implementation.
The Regional Summer School for Youth Entrepreneurs
Between 11 and 16 September 2017, the Association for the Promotion of Women in Romania (APFR), together with the Euroregional Center for Democracy in Timișoara (CED), organized the Regional Summer School for Youth Entrepreneurs ”Antreprenor5Vest” at Secu Resort, Caraș-Severin.
Romanian – Norwegian cooperation for improving accessibility of universities and university libraries in Western Romania
Between 4 and 9 June, 2016, the Euroregional Center for Democracy (CED) made a study visit to Halden and Oslo, Norway, in order to set the ground for a Romanian-Norwegian know-how exchange, in the field of accessibility of universities and university libraries for people with disabilities.
The All-Inclusive Universities website
The Euroregional Center for Democracy (CED), in partnership with the School of Management in Fribourg, Switzerland, is launching the website of the project “All-inclusive universities: A project for enhancing the accessibility services of universities for students with disabilities”.
The Inclusive Campus Competition
The Euroregional Center for Democracy (CED) from Timisoara, Romania, and the School of Management in Fribourg, Switzerland, are launching a competition to select student organizations or initiative groups to conduct communication/advocacy campaigns in the university campuses of Timisoara.

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