Training and consultancy

Training and IT Services for Cross-border Projects Development, 2003 – 2004


Bibo Istvan Foundation, Hungary.

The program addressed the representatives of Timis, Arad, Bekes and Csongrad County Councils, the representatives from Sannicolau Mare, Arad, Chisinau Cris, Szeged, Mako, Bekescsaba City Halls and the Romanian and Hungarian non-governmental organisations active in the field of cross-border cooperation.

75 representatives of public institutions and NGOs trained in relevant topics for cross-border cooperation
Through an integrative institutional exchange visit, 24 participants became familiar with mechanisms of partner institutions from other countries, setting up a regional network that will be used for future cross-border projects
IT based information services and tools available on the Internet at http://dkmt.regionalnet.org

Sesiuni de training in domeniul promovarii turismului

Dezvoltare locala prin mobilitate transfrontaliera economica si turistica -

Sesiuni de formare si informare pentru liceeni

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