Transparency and Integrity in Higher Education – A Program to Develop a Coalition of Non-governmental Organisations to Prevent Corruption, 2005 – 2006


Academy of Advocacy, Timisoara.

Strenghten the role of student and youth organisations to ensure transparency in higher education by creating and implementing mechanisms to poll, monitor and elaborate a common strategy to prevent and reduce corruptive practices.

Target groups
Student and youth non-governmental organisations and professors affected by the existing mechanisms, which do not ensure their involvement in developing strategies to prevent and fight acts of corruption.
12 student and youth organisations active in Timisoara University center: three organisations from each university
Four task-groups to monitor acts of corruption and abusive behavior formed of five persons/university (students and professors)
Ethics commitees from the four universities: University of West, Politehnica University, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Victor Babes, all government funded

Improved the mechanisms to inform on acts of corruption within the universities: webpage www.integritate.ro, phone line 0800 844 844 and 0256 436634
Research on Corruption in Timisoara University Center – Students report, Professors report, Administrative staff report, Synthetic report, presented during the ‘Transparency and Integrity in Higher Education’ Conference
52 students trained in Coalition Management, Advocacy, Leadership, Negotiation and Conflict Management
Developed a Coalition for Transparency and Integrity, formed of students, student organisations, initiative groups and Rectorates of the four universities with an aim to reduce and prevent practices of corruption
Elaborated a Plan to prevent and fight corruption in the academic sector
Four campaigns for information and awareness raising and lobby and advocacy organized within the universities.

The Regional Summer School for Youth Entrepreneurs
Between 11 and 16 September 2017, the Association for the Promotion of Women in Romania (APFR), together with the Euroregional Center for Democracy in Timișoara (CED), organized the Regional Summer School for Youth Entrepreneurs ”Antreprenor5Vest” at Secu Resort, Caraș-Severin.
Romanian – Norwegian cooperation for improving accessibility of universities and university libraries in Western Romania
Between 4 and 9 June, 2016, the Euroregional Center for Democracy (CED) made a study visit to Halden and Oslo, Norway, in order to set the ground for a Romanian-Norwegian know-how exchange, in the field of accessibility of universities and university libraries for people with disabilities.
The All-Inclusive Universities website
The Euroregional Center for Democracy (CED), in partnership with the School of Management in Fribourg, Switzerland, is launching the website of the project “All-inclusive universities: A project for enhancing the accessibility services of universities for students with disabilities”.
The Inclusive Campus Competition
The Euroregional Center for Democracy (CED) from Timisoara, Romania, and the School of Management in Fribourg, Switzerland, are launching a competition to select student organizations or initiative groups to conduct communication/advocacy campaigns in the university campuses of Timisoara.

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